Product Program of Bios Labordiagnostik GmbH, Beratung und Vertrieb enterprise

Bios produces most of its merchandise in own production unit in Germany.

Our products are determined for the laboratory diagnosis of infectious (A) or autoimmune diseases (B) in human as well as in animal system.

Bios offers complete test kits as well as kit components single, as indicated in our product lists below. Feel free to order each article in amount needed. There is no minimum purchase volume per product. Feel free to order 1, 7 or 23 Rickettsia conori slides - but you can order also 305.
But Bios regulates orders after value of purchase. End user orders with value of =/< 100 € and retailer orders with value below/equal 1000 € fall under regulation. Of course Bios supplies such orders but they cost 25.00 € extra for end users and 30.00 € extra for retailers.

All listed substrate slides listed in our product lists published here have been tested with positive and negative controls listed on matching product list page. For positive controls with an * this is only true, if this control or raw material has been available at the time of slide testing. In the latter case: please inquire each time.


A. Bios offers detection systems for:

  • Viral infections                   Product list viruses

  • Bacterial infections            Product list bacteria

  • Parasitical infections          Product List Parasites


B. Bios offers detection systems for:

  • Autoimmune diseases          Product list autoimmune diseases
  • Rheumatology

  • Autoimmune organ specific diseases (Liver, kidney, blood vessel, skin, muscle, nerves)

  • Autoimmune metabolic diseases (Food allergies, Endocrinopathies)


C. Bios offers following material for general use:

  • Miscellaneous reagents        Product list miscellaneous


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