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Official information § 5 Telemediengesetz

Headquarters: München

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Legal Advice

All data (text, pictures, graphics) on website of Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik (Biosite®), which are no legal obligation, are under Bios GmbH copyright. Data protected by password are designated for defined Biosite® visitors only, as described individually.

Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik routinely checks form and content of its website. However regulatory frame may have changed in some parts of the world between two such inspections. Bios shall not be held liable for possible infringement unless institution detecting the illegality informs Bios by written about the legal problem in the specified country/countries and requests Bios to implement the new regulation onto the Biosite®.


Customer information

Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik continuously provides new products and/or new data: new assay, new test component, update of test insert, update of msds, update of sensitivity- or specificity data, new pictures, new general information etc.. Bios implements its updates by itself and thus should be quicker than external web experts in keeping the Biosite® actual.

But Bios strongly recommends to double check with Bios representative by phone or mail before taking information from Bios website into your own documents and internal procedures. Bios does not publish prices and complete terms of business in the internet. In case of questions concerning these two types of data, Bios always must be contacted directly.

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