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Biosite®, internet outlet of Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik, Beratung und Vertrieb, München

Bios GmbH is producer in vitro diagnostics, regulated by 'Medizinproduktegesetz of the European Union (EU). Bios focusses on tests for infectious diseases and for autoimmune diseases.



Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik

Visitors, personell: Hofmannstraße 7, D-81379 München, Deutschland; POB: Postfach 700332, D-81303 München

Shipping: Hofmannstraße 5, 2. Floor, D-81369 München

Phone: +49 89 780205990

Fax: +49 89 7802059940    Mo - Fr 9:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. working days

E-mail: bios@bios-world.com

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Our website, Biosite®, is developed and produced by ourselves. Our Biosite® will never become finished. But our offer concerning technical information is certainly kept extended and updated. We understand our website as communication platform with our market. In special our customers are enabled to get and supply information and documents needed independently of Bios working hours.
Do you like our Biosite®? Please let us know, but also we are interested to learn, if you have comments. Please do not hesitate to keep us informed. Bios will try to implement your good suggestions – as far as possible with our technical know-how.
Get into contact with Bios also by using bios@bios-world.com.

Bios does not use Google and similar to make itself known.

Bios does not publish in such media. And Bios is aware that such media nevertheless use Bios publications to fill their pages. Bios will not try to hinder Google and Co. living from outside data. No!
But Bios does not take care for content Google and Co. publish about Bios: Bios went bankrupt, Bios has been bought out by xy, or similar.
Please turn to Bios directly, in case of any question. Thank you for your understanding.

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Bios GmbH Labordiagnostik Hofmannstr. 7, D-81379 München Phone
+49 89 780205990
+49 89 7802059940
bios@bios-world.com www.bios-world.com